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Women in business...

So, there has been a lot of talk today about supporting women owned businesses. This got me thinking about the ways that women run businesses differ from those run by men. Of course there are exceptions to any rule, but in general I do see some differences. I will speak, however, from my own personal experience. Much of this will match up with some of the generalities...maybe some of it is just my own craziness :)

My business, to me, is more than just a career choice. It is my child and my passion, and I nurture it as so. How I view the growth of my business is also not unlike the raising of my own child; I am much more thrilled with the development of his spirit and the effect he has on the world, than how many pounds he gained this year. When I receive an email or a phone call from a customer, I see it as a personal connection and try to picture the human being at the other end of the interweb. The line between my business and personal life is very blurry at best. When I engage with people at the farmer's market, I am looking for deep personal connections as much as I am customers. When I am making a new batch of salve, I feel the energy of the plants I am using, and feel when something isn't right. Though I follow my own recipes, I am always tweaking them and adapting to the energies of the batch, the day and the materials used.

My approach to business is fluid and intuitive. My goal is to create change for the greater good. In doing so, I provide for my family and support those I believe in. If I cut corners, it's eating the food we grew, harvested and put up for the entire months of February and March instead of spending money at the grocery store- NOT buying inferior materials produced with slave labor to save a few dollars. To have a clear conscience and a full heart at the end of the day, is worth SO much more to me than a full wallet.

All this being said, I also see value in balance. Femininity and Masculinity can both be exceptionally beautiful if expressed in aligned, healthy ways. Together, the dance is simply...ahhh, the dance of life. So, for me, this year is actually about weaving together these two dynamics to create something that is both beautiful, inspiring, intuitive, AND productive, functional and built for sustainable longevity. Any practical business input always welcome! :)

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