This Hop Infused Beard Balm is sure to satisfy, soothe and condition with the calming, healing properties of Hops, Lemon, Pine and Mugwort. This dreamy blend is perfect for keeping good beard hygiene, soothing dry skin, and nourishing and restoring hair follicles. A base of Organic Olive oil is cold infused for a minimum of six weeks with fresh Hop blossoms grown at Short's Brewing Company. 

To use: Rub into beard or mustache daily for deep moisturizing, shaping and taming. Enjoy the deep healing benefits of Michigan grown Hops. 

Tip: Can also be rubbed on bottoms of feet or temples before sleeping to promote restful sleep! 

Ingredients: Organic Olive Oil infused with fresh Hop blossoms, Organic Hops Essential Oil, Organic Lemon Essential Oil, Organic White Pine Essential Oil, Organic Mugwort Essential Oil.

Hops Beard Balm - Hop Infused Beard Oil

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