Back by popular demand, our Lavender Herbal Salve has just four simple ingredients: Organic Olive Oil, Michigan Grown Lavender Blossoms, Michigan Raw Beeswax and Organic Lavender Essential Oil. The process isn't quite as simple, but makes for a long lasting, ultra theraputic, safe and effective salve. First we soak the fresh Lavender blossoms in the Olive oil for a minimum of six weeks, up to six months for maximum extraction. This creates a well rounded scent that is as pure as sniffing freshly harvested Lavender from the field. We only use a tiny amount of essential oil so most of the scent in this product comes from the actual herb, making it a lot more well rounded and easy on the senses than some over the top Lavender products on the market. 


Use on the bottoms of dry feet, before bed for sleep, on skin after sun or wind exposure, or even as a lip balm. 


Available in 2oz size. This product is only available for a limited time, this may be the last batch we make so stock up now!

Lavender Herbal Salve