This Lavender Salve is made using fresh locally grown Organic Lavender blossoms infused in Organic Olive Oil for a minimum of 2 months. This salve is sweetly fragrant and smells and tastes just like fresh Lavender. 

We use only the finest ingredients, assuring that they are sourced and grown in a sustainable and organic way. We cold infuse all of our herbs in oil for a minimum of six weeks, maximizing the extraction of the healing properties while not damaging any of the qualities with heat.

This is a great salve for year round use. Uplifting and soothing in the dark Winter months, fresh and cleansing in the Summer.

This is a general, all purpose salve with that can be used on scrapes, bites, bruises, sprains, muscle pain, dry skin, as a lip balm, and more. It makes a wonderful night time foot cream or used behind the ears or on the temples in moments of stress.

Lavender Salve