This creamy Patchouli Shea body butter is a deeply moisturizing lotion that is long lasting and smells amazing with pure Organic Patchouli essential oil. We've whipped it with Apricot kernel oil cold infused with fresh Calendula blossoms from our farm, adding tons of great skin healing properties and a smooth, silky feel. You will be pleased to know that this Patchouli scent is just perfect: enough for you, but not too much for your neighbors! This is something that all the Patchouli lovers out there are looking for, a moisturizer that is suited for daily use and not overpowering.

Our ingredients are always ethical, always pure and sourced as close to us as possible. The Organic Shea butter is certified Fair Trade <- super important! and we grow the Calendula right on our farm with absolutely no pesticides or chemical fertilizers. We cold infuse the Apricot Kernel oil for 6-8 weeks for a sweet smelling, super healing herbal oil.

Available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz sizes.

Patchouli Body Butter - Fair Trade Organic Shea Butter with Calendula & Apricot