This seasonal tea was a big hit in last year's winter CSA so we're bringing it back around! All of the herbs in this blend are helpful in assisting our body's transition into the colder seasons. One of the best ways to stay well in the winter is to keep your circulation and "core heat" strong. This blend is perfect for keeping that internal fire hot and decreasing inflammation to boot! 

And, it's super tasty! 


Ingredients: Michigan grown Ashwaganda Root, Elderflowers, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Licorice Root


About the Ingredients:

Ashwaganda- An adaptogenic herb used in Ayurvedic medicine as a nervous system tonic. This herb has amazing rebuilding properties for the adrenals- perfect for recooperating from the

stress of the holidays. This is a very sought after and highly revered herb, we are so lucky to have a source for it here in Michigan!

Elderflower- The flowers of the Elder shrub are used in a similar way to the berries, with more

immune boosting and diaphoretic properties. A wonderful anti-viral ally through cold and flu 


Cinnamon- A warming, circulatory spice that helps keep our blood moving during the cold, slow

months. Cinnamon is also helpful for regulating blood sugar and is helpful in rebounding from too many sugary treats.

Ginger- Another warming, circulatory spice with great anti-inflammatory benefits helping us get through the winter aches and pains. A great digestive aid.

Licorice Root- An adaptogenic herb known for it’s soothing, cooling effects. Licorice is known as the great harmonizer- bringing the other herbs in a blend together to work (and taste) better. The licorice in this blend helps balance the warming, drying nature of the other herbs.

Winter Warmer Tea Blend



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