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We are all about keeping it local. From shopping at the local farmer's market to sourcing many of our ingredients and herbs from local farms, we are willing to pay the extra cost to see our community thrive. Using indigenous herbs is not only great for the environment, but it is also important that we learn to work with plants that are growing where we live. Just as studies have shown that eating locally grown food is better for health, it is equally important to our well-being to use herbs growing in our immediate climate.  We enjoy being an active part of our community and love making connections with other farmers, makers, movers and shakers!

​We believe in and support Organic agriculture, and choose Organic and Fair Trade ingredients whenever possible.  Many of the herbs we use in our products we sustainably wild harvest from the pristine forests, fields and streams of Northern Michigan.  Some of our herbs are grown in our own gardens, and some we buy from other small farms and growers in our area, always using chemical free practices.  We research the companies that we choose to support, verify that the claims they make are valid, and confirm they are using only sustainable methods.  The importance of the quality and freshness of the herbs we use cannot be underestimated.  The energy with which plants are grown and harvested, and the environment from which they come, greatly affects their properties and benefits. 

Our company mission is more than to provide high quality herbal products.  We also want to share our knowledge with others, so that we can help to make herbal medicine the people's medicine.  We offer classes and workshops throughout the year and provide herbal articles, recipes and other pertinent information in our monthly newsletters.  While learning about herbs and how they can help us is exceptionally fun, it is also vitally important to our well-being.  It is our goal for every person to be able to walk into their yard and identify the plants that surround them - know how to use them - and feel grateful for their existence.  Education is, and will continue to be, a huge part of our mission, as we strive to expand the world community of plant enthusiasts.  By offering our experience and knowledge to others, especially our youth, we believe that together we can improve our world!

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