from once a seed came a sprout...

Growing up in Northern Michigan, I spent most of my youth in nature exploring, building, tasting and smelling. At age seven I was determined to move into the forest full time. By the age of nine the fear of things creepy and crawly crept in and I temporarily postponed my forest stay. At sixteen I got the itch again and finished high school a year early so that I might move out into the subtropical forest of Kauai, Hawaii where I spent the majority of the next four years. Every day living out there was truly human. Gathering wood and water, plants for food and medicine, and greeting other feral beings were daily events. With trickles of knowledge and a few moldy books, my passion for herbal medicine ignited. I practiced my "art" on my friends and family, with mostly good results. Upon moving back to my home of Northern Michigan, I knew it was my destiny to pursue a life in herbal medicine. While starting an eco-friendly cleaning business and working full time cleaning houses, I still found time to explore my true passion. I became a certified herbalist and started to develop a product line. In just two years, I transitioned fully from house cleaning to attending five farmers markets a week. I now teach classes, hold workshops, experiment with new techniques in growing and harvesting herbs, develop new and enriched herbal products, and spread the word to everyone and anyone willing to learn about the incredible benefits of herbs, all in doing what I love the most. I could not do it without the incredible support from my family and friends. My sister, Summer started working with Bear Earth Herbals in 2014. She is now an integral part of the business - official tea boss, enthusiastic marketeer and the gears behind the scene. Where there is passion, there is power and where there is community passion will flower.

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