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Bent Oolong is an organic, fair trade Oolong tea with a twist. Combined with three varieties of Basil sustianably grown in Michigan, this is unlike any tea you've had. Unique and aromatic, energizing and clarifying. The basil varieties used are Holy Basil (Tulsi), Thai Basil and Sweet Basil. 


*This is a great blend for helping to increase clarity and focus. It is a wonderful companion to paperwork or studying. These herbs are all also known to help boost metabolism. Holy Basil is well known for it's adaptogenic properties, helping our body deal with and process stress. 


**The majority of the herbs used are grown by Bear Earth Herbals with no chemicals or synthetic fertilizers, wild harvested from pristine locations in Northern Michigan, are locally grown sustainably or certified organic, or are sourced Organic and fair trade from third party tested sources. 

Bent Oolong Tea - BULK

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