This is not your mama's Chai! An earthy, spicy blend of Wild Harvested Chaga Mushrooms, Organic Roasted Chicory Root, Organic Cinnamon, Organic Cardamom and Organic Cayenne, this is a warming full body tonic with benefits stretching way beyond the imagination. The flavor is deep, grounding and feels healing to the core.


This is a non-caffeinated Chai, which is great for the evening or those sensitive to caffeine. For a caffeinated kick, it can be blended with black tea or coffee after steeping.


Our Chaga mushrooms are sustainably wild harvested from pristine areas in Northern Michigan and freshly ground into a coarse powder, making them more bio-available and easily brewed as a tea. All other ingredients in this blend are grown USDA certified organic. This is a loose leaf tea and is best steeped in a very fine strainer, organic reusable tea bag or a french press due to the finely ground nature of it. It is delicious with some milk and honey added.

Chaga Chai Tea - BULK