This Shea Butter based face cream is made with Herbal infused Grapeseed oil and Geranium Essential Oil for a soothing, aromatic moisturizer that is great for both dry and oily skin. Geranium has been used for centuries for facial care, along with the other herbs in this blend: Thai Basil, Cleavers, and Violet Leaves. This long lasting face cream is a great way to protect your face from the harsh effects of the elements while nourishing and moisturizing. The Geranium scent is emotionally balancing and calming.

To Apply: Wash face and dry thoroughly. Rub a small dab of face cream between the palms briskly to warm and gently apply to face and other areas. Dab off excess cream with a clean face towel if necessary.

Geranium Face Cream **BEST SELLER**

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