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Simple. Pure. Soothing. A cold infused Lavender and Calendula oil to meet all of your many needs! We've cold infused nourishing food grade Apricot Kernel oil with fresh Lavender and Calendula blossoms for 6-8 weeks extracting tons of healing properties without any added ingredients. This oil is sweet and beautifully scented with the natural scents of the fresh herbs with no added fragrance or essential oils, making it safe for children, babies or use in sensitive areas. This is a very versatile product with incredible healing properties. Here are some of the many uses:
-Massage (also great for baby and child massage)
-Lubricant - makes a wonderful personal lubricant with cleansing and relaxing properties
-Hair Oil - wonderful for moisturizing irritated,flaky scalp or to run through dry, brittle hair
-Oil Pulling- works great for oil pulling, an ayurvedic technique used on the face or gums, also works as a non-abrasive tooth paste
- General moisturizing or for dry irritated skin

Lavender Calendula Oil - cold infused Apricot Kernel Oil - no scent added

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