Lemon Balm has been used by many cultures for over 2,000 years for treating insomnia and to lift spirits and moods. Lemon Balm has also been shown to treat Herpes virus very effectively. Topically it can be used for cold sores, lesions, bites, scrapes, etc. Rubbing a small amount of the salve on your temples or wrists is a great way to receive the mood elevating benefits. We use only the finest ingredients, assuring that they are sourced and grown in a sustainable and organic way. We cold infuse all of our herbs in oil for a minimum of six weeks, maximizing the extraction of the healing properties while not damaging any of the qualities with heat. 

This is a great salve for year round use. Uplifting and soothing in the dark Winter months, fresh and cleansing in the Summer.

This is a general, all purpose salve with strong mood elevating properties.

Lemon Balm Salve

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