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Rooted is an infusion blend with high quality adaptogenic and detoxifying roots. Offering superb liver and digestiv support, assiting in detoxifying the body and promoting whole body health, this blend is one that most people need. 


6oz bag = 40-50 servings


Burdock- Grounding at it's finest. Burdock roots go deep, bringing up rare minerals and nutrients from the soil. Burdock root helps all of our body's detox systems, including the liver and lymphatic systems. Burdock is a wonderful ally to our gut and is a superfood for our good gut bacteria. 70% of our immune system lives in our guts and nourhsing herbs work best to keep things functioning well.


Dandelion- This plant's botanical name literally translates to "that which heals all". An ally through all times of healing Dandelion helps in similar ways to burdock with a little extra bitter to help fight infections and regulate blood sugar.


Ashwaganda - What a gift to have Michigan grown Ashwaganda roots thanks to our friends at Golden Hour farm! Ashwaganda is supreme at helping our bodies regulate stress and the effects of trying times. Ashwagandsa is a whole body health tonic, known as an adaptogen, meaning it helps our bodies better adapt to new or stressful circumstances.


Turmeric- This Turmeric is really special. It was freshly harvested on the Big Island of Hawaii by friends and shipped over immediately to be cut and dried. Turmeric is a wonderful antibacterial and infection fighting herb with great protective and detoxifying properties.

Rooted -Infusion Blend

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