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Heart of Gold Rice

Greetings fellow herbal enthusiasts!

We are cozied up under a blanket of snow making all the comfort foods we can dream of (and happen to have the ingredients in the house for). That's why flexible recipes are good. You can take the idea and run with it, in whatever direction you desire!

Maybe it's the simplicity of this recipe that I love the most-

Maybe it's the aroma-

Maybe it's the sunshiny color-

It could be the immune-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric-

Perhaps it is the excitement of tropical flavors in the midst of a snowstorm-

Or it might just be that it is named after a Neil Young song-

Any way you look at it, it is something I keep coming back to 🧡 And for the "record" it does enhance the experience to listen to Neil Young on vinyl while preparing and/or eating this dish.

'Heart of Gold' Rice

Prepare a one cup of Heart of Gold tea in a French press (or any method you prefer). I like a French press because it lets more of the turmeric through than a tea bag and less than a tea ball. I suggest making the tea a little stronger than you normally would to drink.

Put one cup of white jasmine rice in a pot with a tight fitting lid. Cook as directed, substituting one cup of Heart of Gold tea and one cup coconut (or any) milk for the water.

The healthy fats in the milk will increase the bioavailability of the turmeric and it's healing potential!

That's it! It's easy, aromatic, beautiful and healing. What more do you want? In case you do want more... here are some more ideas:

Add prepared (preferably strong french press) Heart of Gold tea to soups (I especially like it with a butternut squash/carrot/apple bisque), stirfried vegetables or chicken, as a marinade, in a pumpkin or sweet potatoe pie filling, or in smoothies! There are so many possibilities. Seriously, the world is your oyster, or stage, or whatever you want it to be. For Neil Young's sake, HAVE FUN WITH IT!

Until next time, stay cozy and if you do get out and about, please do your neighbor a favor and shop local 😊


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