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Survived Cherry Festival!

I am feeling that annual great wave of relief today that follows the craziest show of our season, right here in our hometown. Each year I vow that I won't find myself there again amid the swarming crowds of tourists, carnies, people, and more people, but alas- yet again, I participated in this year's Cherry Festival Art and Craft show and made it home alive! Our booth this year was only our salves and herbal body products as we were not permitted to sell our teas there (my apologies to those that came in hopes of taking home some tea!), however it was quite a nice experience to focus on our line of salves and highlight some of those. The muscle rub and rescue salve were very popular, as always, and our new Hops Beard Balm proved to be a surprising hit!

Though I met some wonderful people, saw some great friends and familiar faces, and got some quality herbal goods into the hands of those in need, I will be avoiding Traverse City for the next week and am very happy to be spending this day at home surrounded by trees and birds, resting, writing and preparing for this weekend's adventure- Bliss Fest! Happy Inter-dependence day ya'll! :)

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