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NEW PRODUCT! Patchouli Body Butter

Patchouli Body Butter Organic Fair Trade Shea Butter


Due to popular request we now have a new Body Butter- Patchouli! While Patchouli has gotten a stigma in some circles, and seems to be a scent that people either go totally crazy over, or don't really care for- it has not gotten a lot of press for it's amazing benefits for skin health and uplifting the mood. Known to be a mild aphrodisiac, this scent is one that is sweet, musky and haunting.

This new body butter not only has a creamy base of Organic Unrefined Shea Butter, Organic Patchouli essential oil and a silky smooth texture- also contains food grade Apricot Kernel oil infused with loads of fresh, local Calendula blossoms.

Why? Because we love your skin as much as you do, and we want it to be healthy, vibrant, moisturized and happy :)

Funny Story: Well, when I was younger in my high school years- I was sort of the "hippie" of my small rural area high school. I shaved my head but not my legs, made all my own clothes, and yes- wore lots of Patchouli. I mean lots. It's one of those things where the more you wear the less you can smell it, so inevitably the concentration continued to increase. This was not favorable among many of my school bus mates (yes I had to ride a 45 minute bus ride to school- all through high school), however my bus driver, an older man that lived on my street, LOVED it. Everyday when I got on he would take a real deep breathe and sigh with eyes closed a cute little smile on his face. Apparently the mood elevating properties really worked for him! Enough so, that one day he pulled me aside as I was about to get off the bus (I was the last stop), and asked me if I could PLEASE get him a bottle of whatever made me smell like that. I was happy to, and the next day brought him in a bottle of Patchouli lotion that my friends at Fish Creek Soapworks had made. The lotion was very strongly scented and the next morning he must have slathered his whole body because when I got on the bus I could hardly see through the thick cloud of Patchouli emanating from the driver's seat. While I LOVE the smell of it, it was even a bit much for me. Needless to say many of my classmates were looking at me as if to say "What did you do?!?". The windows were flying open, on that crisp winter morning, kids sticking their heads out the windows and holding their scarves up over their noses. The bus driver continued to wear the lotion, every morning without fail. He even kept it right there next to him, for easy reapplication. Most of the students got to the point where they were used to the smell, and perhaps were going to school just a little more relaxed and happy! And I felt like I had done my job, spreading my propaganda of love and peace across the world, one bottle of Patchouli at a time. :)

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